This Song Contest #2, often referred to as TSC #2, was the second edition of the This Song Contest. It was held in Talinn, Estonia.

26 countries participated in the second edition. 10 countries withdrew while another 10 countries debuted. An additional 16 countries voted but did not participate. In order to participate, the countries had to be a member of the European Broadcasting Union (with the exception of Australia).

country was crowned as the winner of the edition with the song "Feral Hearts" performed by Kerli. The song gathered a total of 440 points, 131 points ahead the runner-up, country. country finished on third place. To finish, country, Spain and country completed the top 6 of the edition.

Participating Countries Edit

26 countries took part in the second edition of the This Song Contest. 16 other countries voted but did not take part.

Grand Final Edit

26 countries took part in the grand final, with the remaining 15 countries voting.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Norway Alida "Feathers"
02 Moldova Nicoleta Nicu "Amintiri"
03 Belgium Stromae "Papaoutai"
04 Slovenia BQL "Heart of Gold"
05 Czech Republic Lenny "Hell.o"
06 Slovakia Lina Mayer "Nothing"
07 Ireland Hozier "Take Me To Church"
08 Poland Sylwia Grzeszczak "Tamta dziewczyna"
09 United Kingdom Clean Bandit ft. Louisa Johnson "Tears"
10 Serbia Nevena Božović "Bal"
11 France Indila "Dernièr Danse"
12 Germany Lena "Traffic Lights"
13 Denmark Lukas Graham "You're Not There"
14 Portugal Mimicat "Gave Me Love"
15 Italy Lorenzo Fragola "Luce che entra"
16 Belarus Rita Dakota "Polcheloveka"
17 Estonia Elina Born "In Or Out"
18 Azerbaijan Laleh "Some Die Young"
19 Lithuania GJan "Wild"
20 Armenia Sirusho "PreGomesh"
21 Albania Era Istrefi "Bonbon"
22 Sweden Zara Larsson & MNEK "Never Forget You"
23 Spain Alvaro Soler "Sofia"
24 Australia SAFIA "Counting Sheep"
25 Ukraine The Hardkiss "Antarica"
26 Bulgaria DARA "K'vo ne chu"

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